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The Many Applications of Metal Fabrication

Date Published ‐ 31/08/2021

The metalwork experts here at Pearlgreen Engineering pride ourselves on providing fast, versatile and affordable metal fabrication services. Working with everything from stainless steel and aluminium to galvanised products and composites, we can design, manufacture, deliver and install a wide range of metal solutions.

To give you a feel for how adaptable our metal fabrication services are, below are a few ways that they can be applied across multiple industries.



Where would the construction industry be without metal? Strong steel is a particularly popular option for structures and sections such as girders, beams, ladders, handrails and platforms, so a building contractor needs to know that the metal being supplied is of the highest standard.

Whether it’s for new build homes, commercial offices, industrial units, bridges, warehouses or any other kind of construction project, Pearlgreen Engineering can provide structural steel for any application.



Metal fabrication is integral to the energy sector, as it’s used for more traditional facilities and ultramodern sustainable systems alike. Our metalwork engineers can design, manufacture and supply all forms of metal that can be applied to oil and gas pipelines, solar power generation sites, wind turbines and any other structure or platform that requires reliable steel and other metal products.



The equipment and devices used by the NHS and other healthcare organisations all necessitate highly accurate metal fabrication. Ranging from MRI machines to ultrasound equipment, it’s amazing how central metal fabrication is to keeping the UK fit and healthy.



Vast volumes of mining equipment are dependent on metal fabrication, with precision and integrity being core requirements. From loaders and transit vehicles to smaller equipment, rails, pipes and fittings, bespoke metal fabrication is absolutely paramount to this industry.



Though cars are steadily moving away from petrol and diesel to a more environmentally friendly system, the automotive industry will always need metal fabrication for the manufacturing of vehicles, not to mention the machinery and tools used in their creation.



As well as the cars and vans we drive ourselves, the transportation sector uses a multitude of metal fabrication services for the manufacturing of trains, ships, buses, and many other methods of getting people safely from A to B.


Aircraft and aerospace

The aircraft and aerospace industry focuses on yet another method of transportation, but one that’s used for military and exploration purposes too. Needless to say, the metal fabrication must be of the highest quality, as the aircraft will need to withstand high levels of heat, cold, pressure, speed and weight whilst in flight.


Household appliances

Bringing it closer to home, metal fabrication is a core process involved in the manufacturing of modern household appliances. Washing machines, boilers, cookers, TVs, computers and all other forms of electrical and mechanical devices simply won’t function without metal that has been expertly designed around the most precise specifications.


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