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Innovative Precision Engineering

Founded in 1992 and based in Hull, we’re ISO 9001 accredited, and offer CE marked EN ISO1090 structural steel, alongside a full range of metal fabrication services.

Today, we’re trusted by major commercial architects and leading names across a wide range of industries, including power generation, logistics, manufacturing, transportation and renewables – taking on volume and bespoke work for customers across the UK.  

Why Pearlgreen Engineering

Whatever your metalwork requirements, you can come to Pearlgreen Engineering in the confidence that we can provide it.


Maintaining the highest quality standards and working with real attention to detail in everything we do.


Extensive capacity and in-house facilities means shorter lead times and a quick turnaround on your projects. With a comprehensive range of the latest CAD/CAM, 3D technologies, fabrication, machining and laser cutting equipment.


With decades of experience on a full range of projects and an excellent track record of delivering for our clients. Bringing ambitious ideas and designs to life, solving problems and providing intelligent, creative engineering solutions that work in the real world.


Accredited to ISO 9001, and certified to produce CE marked EN ISO1090 structural steel works and steel structures

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the pearlgreen way

From design, through production to installation, we are passionate about each project we undertake.

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