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Applying Metalwork to Commercial Environments

Date Published ‐ 28/09/2021

All types of buildings and their interiors incorporate a wide variety of construction materials. One that’s remained immensely popular for centuries is metal, as its combination of malleability, strength and striking appearance make it perfect for all kinds of surroundings.

Pearlgreen Engineering specialises in architectural metalwork for every type of commercial and public-facing environment, including retail stores, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, warehouses, educational organisations, sports arenas and cultural venues. Working with clients across the UK, our metal engineers can turn even the most ambitious designs into reality.


Why choose metal?

Metal has always been integral to architectural design, especially when given the focus and attention to detail it deserves. When done well, metal can add sophisticated intricacy to the functionality, layout and general feel of corporate environments, ranging from a bold industrial vibe to sleek and ultramodern elegance.

Meanwhile, metalwork is so robust, hardwearing and difficult to stain that it will always be a cost-effective option, allowing it to accommodate even the smallest of budgets.


Architectural metalwork

Through our many years of expertise and a truly innovative approach, the metalworkers at Pearlgreen Engineering can design, fabricate, supply and install an impressive range of metal solutions on any scale.

Popular ways of using metal to improve internal and external environments include:

  • Handrails
  • Ramps
  • Gates
  • Balustrades
  • Balconies
  • Bollards
  • Railings
  • Fencing
  • Barriers

These are just a few examples of architectural metalwork products that support a number of functions, such as health and safety, accessibility, security, traffic management, and of course the maximisation of visual impact.


Metal artwork services

As well as being a highly functional material, metal is also perfect for decorative features that are installed purely for aesthetic reasons. Prime examples are sculptures, corporate art, statement metalwork, large monoliths and laser cut totems, all of which are designed and constructed using the highest standard of fabricated metal.

Metal artwork looks amazing and can really bring premises to life, which can increase brand awareness, enhance the personality of commercial premises, encourage public engagement, and even benefit employee wellbeing by making your company an interesting and creative place to work.


Make your mark with metal

Pearlgreen Engineering helps businesses and organisations across the UK to transform their premises through exceptional architectural metalwork and metal artwork. Whatever you have in mind, from small additions that provide extra flair to large and integral sections of a room, our metalwork engineers will deliver it quickly and affordably.

Over the years we’ve worked with independent retailers and SMEs as well as high street names, housing developers, cultural organisations, educational institutions, hospitals and charities to make the most of metal in a variety of settings. Whether you’re having a new building constructed, renovating an existing unit or simply want to see how metal features will upgrade your offices and communal spaces, all you have to do is get in touch and prepare to be inspired.


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